Monday, October 18, 2010

"The Surround" -- Relevant Inspirations and Happenings

My one and only update so on this project is not as copious as I'd imagined. I had this fantasy of having an impressive amount of work accomplished, created in various sizes and media. All I have is a couple of facial expressions studies of four fruit characters, done on sketchbook paper, and some color studies of the characters on the computer. I am starting to feel nervous and concerned about where my work is headed, as well as how my critique will go. I wonder how people will respond to my work so far, as preliminary as it is....
I had recently learned about Ossian in Art History, and how there were multiple paintings depicting how he was a great poet and writer who got inspired by the heavens and the gods and goddesses. I wish that I could fall asleep and wake up as a completely new and inspired artist, but unfortunately, my dreams are few in occurrence, and only concern silly, everyday things or the drama of a college girl.
I hope to have my breakthrough with this project soon, but if not, then I will turn the heat up on my project for the next critique! This is a learning experience for sure...

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