Saturday, September 4, 2010


My name is Liz Feldstein and this is my artist's blog! I will discuss my artwork and my process as an artist while exploring my practices in the studio. I am a senior, Fine Arts major at the University of Delaware, and my dream is to work in the movie industry. I hope to discover what my true passion is within that field (illustration, animation, concept art, CGI, etc...), and more importantly, what I can become good at and succeed at!
As I try my hand at various media, such as 2D traditional and 2D digital work, I hope to increase my skill level by challenging myself and experimenting with the media that I have used in the past. My main goal will be to discover the relationship between the narrative and the image by creating and developing various characters and stories; however, another objective I have is to progress personally as an artist, by addressing the reservations that I have held thus far.