Monday, October 18, 2010

Response to First Critique

I am certain that I had more responses to my critique than my classmates! We had a silent critique, during which we wrote our opinions and constructive criticism, if any, on pieces of paper, which we handed to the artist. I was hoping that I would get some great direction and get torn apart by my classmates, only to improve that much more the next time around, but people were...nice. Too nice. In any case, I had a month's worth of time to decide what I did and did not like about my work for the first part of the project, as well as my process. For one thing, the overall presentation and quantity of the work was unimpressive. But that WILL change. Also, if I could confess, I didn't actually come up with a story. Oops! I got so caught up in the character development and creating digital paintings of a kitchen setting for my produce people that I let the storyline fall through the cracks. I also struggled with my own personal timeline, and drive (I found it difficult to make this project a priority when I had other classes and more prominent deadlines distracting me).
Things to do and things NOT to do.
*also, pardon the awful picture! I am no photographer.

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