Saturday, November 13, 2010

Critique 2

This post pertains to my second critique, which occurred a few days ago. In my opinion, it was more successful than the first, but I'm the kind of person who always thinks they could do more!
For this second portion of my semester-long project, I had a roll of paper where I could chart out various short stories. I opened a Word document and made a list of short stories, and then constructed the story by frames, which I drew on the paper. In the end, I had just under 20 stories, 1-5 frames/storyboards each, and 3 pieces of paper, total. I also chose 3 stories to express more fully, which I did using gouache and watercolor paints, on Stonehenge Cream paper.
Overall, I think the class was pleased with my stories. If I could critique myself, I would say that some of the stories were more poorly executed than others, however, I made it clear to the class that I was more focused on storytelling than the drawing aspect.
For my final critique, I hope to combine the elements of my first and my second critiques, and create at least 1 cohesive story, that is fully expressed (in terms of drawing skill, detail, and color) and demonstrated through 6 storyboards. Today, I am sketching out my storyboards to scale, while watching Harry Potter :).

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